Ghost Grip Tape

  How to install Ghost Grip Tape 


Step 1-  Cut off your old grip with a utility knife. Remove the remaining adhesive or tape by peeling it off. Wipe shaft clean with solvent.     

Step 2- Peel off one side of the tape lining and place the sticky side of the tape strip lengthwise on the shaft. Ghost grip tape is designed to be 3/4 of the grip. 

Step 3 Remove the second lining and smoothly wrap the tape around the shaft. Tuck in the excess tape into the shaft opening.    

Step 4-  Hold the grip open end up, with a finger covering the hole at the opposite end. Pour in grip solvent. ( Mineral spirits or paint thinner works well)

Step 5- Cover the open end of the grip with a thumb or finger and rock it back and forth to spread solvent throughout the inside of the grip. 

Step 6- Pour the remaining solvent that's in the grip on the new tape that is on your club shaft. Make sure all of the tapes is wet with solvent so the new grip can slide on. 

Step 7- Quickly begin sliding a new grip over the taped shaft as far as it will go. Align grip design with the club head. Use a spare grip to ensure that the grip is installed correctly.     

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