Sensatec is dedicated to making the best-performing and most comfortable grips. With our latest technology, we will have the best-designed and styled grips on the market. 

The Sensatec brand of golf grips was established in 2004. Our grips are designed in the US and manufactured in Asia. We order and import our replacement golf grips in high volume and sell factory direct. Cutting out the middle man allows us to offer higher quality at lower prices. Our grips are also used by large OEMs in the golf club industry. Millions of Sensatec golf grips are in use and have a zero failure rate. 

Sensatec grips are made with a highly automated manufacturing process that turns out consistent, high-quality, long-lasting grips time after time. Our replacement golf grips are easy to install using traditional golf grip tape or even double-sided carpet tape sold at big box home improvement stores.

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